The future of
medicine against cancer
We are a laboratory specialized in
treatments and products to combat cancer cells.
Ramica® is a specialized laboratory
in developing Ayurvedic Treatments

We use the latest technology to increase the bioavailability and maximize the therapeutic effects of these important substances.
Polyphenols or Nutraceuticals
Its health benefits act as antioxidants, antitumor, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory.
Autologous Neoantigens
Strengthening your immune system
to destroy cancer cells
combat targeted cancer
In the case of using allopathic therapies, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, these are potentiated in a proportion of 10 times more and 5 times more, respectively.
Alternativa para tratar el cancer
Por primera vez en Mexico tenemos a nuestro alcance una tecnologia para combatir el cancer de forma segura y sin efectos secundarios.
Rámica Founders
Your health is in the hands of the
most qualified team.
  • Dr. Sandro Moncada
    Internist Medical, Centro Biocel and Rámica Founder®
    17 years of experience
  • Dr. Daniel Murillo
    Pharmacobiologist Chemist and Rámica® Co-Founder
    12 years of experience
Our laboratory and products are registered by COFEPRIS, and are manufactured following the best international practices.
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Rámica and Centro Biocel
Rámica is a laboratory specialized in Ayurvedic treatments and is part of Centro Biocel, which is our Cellular Regenerative Medicine Clinic.

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